Arabian videochat

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"I'm not angry, just a little surprised that the Saudi government hasn't advanced beyond this type of tactic," prominent Saudi blogger Eman Al-Nafjan told CNN.

"I thought that they were better able to do this without resorting to have to threaten banning applications." This isn't the first time that the Saudi Arabian government has cracked down on messaging apps.

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The apps in question include Skype, Whats App, and Viber, according to the country's official news agency SPA.

Apparently, the Saudi Arabian Communications and Information Technology Commission issued a statement that said, "The Commission emphasizes that it will take appropriate action regarding these applications and services in the event of failure to meet those conditions." It's unclear exactly what rules the apps were breaking, but local media reports from earlier in the week said that the government wanted to be able to monitor the apps, according to CNN.

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