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The survey asked Catholics to react to the statement, “Sometimes I think I might leave the Catholic Church.” They were made to choose among the following answers: “strongly agree;” “somewhat agree;” “undecided if agree or disagree;” “somewhat disagree;” and “strongly disagree.” The 9.2 percent who said they sometimes thought of leaving the Catholic Church included those who “strongly agree” (2.5 percent) and “somewhat agree” (6.7 percent) to the statement.

Those who said otherwise consisted of 11.4 percent who “somewhat disagree” and 74.2 percent who “strongly disagree.” Just 5.2 percent said they “neither agree nor disagree” with the statement.

Animism, folk religion, and shamanism remain present as undercurrents of mainstream religion, through the albularyo, the babaylan, and the manghihilot.

Buddhism is practiced by 2% of the populations by the Japanese-Filipino community, More than 10% of the population is non-religious, with the percentage of non-religious people overlapping with various faiths, as the vast majority of the non-religious select a religion in the Census for nominal purposes.

At least 92% of the population is Christian; about 81% belong to the Roman Catholic Church while about 11% belong to Protestant Christian and independent Catholic denominations, such as Iglesia Filipina Independiente, Seventh-day Adventist Church, United Church of Christ in the Philippines and Evangelicals.

Officially, the Philippines is a secular nation, with the Constitution guaranteeing separation of church and state, and requiring the government to respect all religious beliefs equally.

#Noynoy Pa Rin still sits on the Philippine Trend after Bro. Ricardo Cardinal Vidal asked for President Benigno Aquino Jr.’s resignation regarding the Mamasapano encounter.

Stepping down to his seat is what the National Transformation Council called for.

It must be understood that the Father will be the one to build and not the Son!Now, it is carried off by a gold carriage and the devotees wore maroon. A belief that whosoever touch the Black Nazarene will be healed and devotees from different parts of the country and tourists alike rub and kissed the Nazarene.The lighting of candles, performing mass, changing of clothes, holding the Nazarene, novena, parade, taking off foot-wears and walking in knees are some of the rituals that majority of the devotees do in the anticipation of the actual parade.It has a margin of error of plus-or-minus three percentage points. It is time, I think, for Mahar Mangahas to take out his social survey tools to help us understand what is happening.” In a statement released Tuesday, SWS said there was survey evidence to support Tabora’s assertions.It was conducted two weeks before Pope Benedict XVI stepped down from the papacy because of old age. 7 blog post, Tabora said: “The Catholic Church is in trouble—even in Catholic Philippines …. Decline in attendance SWS said the evidence consisted of its surveys between 19 showing a (slight) decline in Catholics’ church attendance and the finding of the survey last February “of a strong inverse relation between Catholics’ church attendance and giving consideration to leaving the Catholic Church.” The latest survey found that 81 percent of Filipinos were Catholics, 6 percent were Protestants, 3 percent were Iglesia ni Cristo members, and 3 percent were of other Christian denominations.

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