Dating rca vacuum tubes

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The late 1970s GE 6550A power tubes in this precision matched pair have crimped gray plates, 3 getters, metal collar bases, and 188-5 factory code (Owensboro, Ky). They also have matching date codes and the 188-5 factory code (Owensboro, Ky). The late 1970s Sylvania 6550 power tubes in this precisely matched quad have welded gray plates, 3 getters, and metal collar bases.

The GE 6L6GC power tubes in this premium matched pair have gray plates, dual side getters, and black bases.

This very rare 1950s Telefunken 6SN7GTA tube was made in West Germany.

It has gray plates with copper grid posts and the Telefunken diamond logo is printed on the glass (partial).

Added: Philips Electronic Valves, Book IX, Vacuum Valves in Pulse Technique, 1959.

See: 'More' - 'Manufacturers Index' - 'United Electronics'. See: 'More' - 'Manufacturers Index' - 'Philips' - 'PHILIPS' TECHNICAL LIBRARY'. One made by Marius Sorin Baicus and the other by Eduardo Foltran. Try them out by clicking the flags in the main index page of the mirror sites (Romanian and Brazilian flags).

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Both tubes test as new with phono grade noise levels.

Reduced in filesize: RCA Electron Tube Design 1962.

See: 'More' - 'Manufacturers Index' - 'Philips' - 'PHILIPS' TECHNICAL LIBRARY'. See: 'More' - 'Manufacturers Index' - 'Philips' - 'PHILIPS' TECHNICAL LIBRARY'.

Indeed many wireless operators came from the telegraph ranks.

- By 1850 most of the basic electrical phenomena had been investigated.

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