Dating someone with low self confidence updating row in gridview

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Authentic love is attracted by those who desire it and is repelled by those who need it.Wanting connotes sufficiency and desire; needing connotes insufficiency and dependency."I need" creates a vacuum effect that forces you to clutch, grab, cling and consume; "I want" creates an openness that enables you to explore, consider, and shape the relationship you desire.It's only when you operate from the basis of being a whole person with good self-esteem that you can find love based on want and not on need.A partner you can share a mutually fulfilling relationship with (a co-pilot) or someone that will take you on an unhealthy relationship journey dictated under their terms ( a driver)?A ‘driver’ reflects your beliefs although you look for them to challenge them and love you, only for them to confirm your beliefs that you have no reason to be confident and aren’t valuable and worthwhile loving.The person who functions in low self-esteem is basically in a constant state of judgment of themselves.They always look at how they are wrong and what they are looking for in their partner is somebody who can validate how they are not wrong.

How much confidence you have is directly linked to your beliefs because what you hold to be true about life, relationships, love, and yourself is intrinsically tied to what you believe your can have a lasting relationship.In your experience, is low self-esteem more commonly experienced by men or women? What happens is that women have more freedom to talk about it. Enjoy your life anyway even if they aren’t willing to participate in the enjoyment of life.Which is actually a gift because they can speak about it with their friends. The trap that most partners get caught in is going down into the rabbit hole with them. It’s been said that you are only as happy as the least happy person in the relationship.Not knowing your self-worth and being naive about relationships is a recipe for heartache.When a man would express interest in me, I would automatically assume that we would be in a relationship. I didn’t think they would lie or take advantage of me because, quite frankly, I didn’t know any better. I dreamed of having a relationship but didn’t know anything about the dating game. I was too kind because I assumed they were deserving.

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