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Jaguar ( X 10.3.x) users should open Print Center (Jaguar) or Printer Setup Utility (Panther), hold down the Option key, and click the Add Printer button in the Print Center toolbar.

Matsu is committed to doing the right thing when it comes to the environment, and complies with environmental and safety directives from the governments where we do business.

It creates an efficient means of scanned document storage, access, and distribution without requiring additional hardware or software. For additional security, an NTFS drive is preferred. Priority 2 Default selection when embedded scanning is selected: either scan to or scan to folder Scan Settings From the Scan Settings tab of the Scanner Features section, users can edit settings such as: 1. From this screen, users can edit the following default settings: Scan Type Resolution Image Density Scan Size Send Settings The majority of the settings available via the Send Settings tab are used for Scan to . Open a web browser and input the FTP server address in the address bar The FTP address format is: ftp: //ipaddress. Login using these credentials: User name = admin, Password: leave blank. If the login was successful, the word Administrator in the upper right-hand corner (See below). Once SDMA is launched, it will automatically search the local area network for devices.

1.1 Target Audience The target audience for this White Paper is: IT Administrators. Some of the settings in this screen are: Max Size File Type Priority (pdf, tiff, single or multi-page) Divide and Send Page 10 of 17 5 Accessing Files Scanned to FTP Once Scan to FTP has been configured on both the PC and MFP, it should function properly and all of the files should flow to the shared folder on the FTP server. o See the example below, with the address: ftp:// NOTE Some FTP sites may require a login (user name/password) in order to access the files. In the upper right-hand corner, click Login, which opens a login page (see image - page 12). NOTE The login process may differ slightly depending on the machine in use. 7.1 Searching Network Segments In order to access the address book of a device, a network search must be performed first to find the device.

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