Jolene van vugt dating

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In September 2015, Van Vugt was seriously injured when attempting to do a ramp jump using a slingshot (a device used to propel bikes to high speeds in a short distance).

The injuries required multiple reconstructive surgeries to her face and were expected to take months of recovery before she could perform again.'s Andy Gray caught up with Von Vugt to discuss her rise to stardom and other topics: they thought I would be a good addition, I appear as a "pro" challenger adding in a new element, a female rider.

I'm also a spokesperson for Reflex, explaining how the new features work in on-line tutorials.

For me the backflip was something that set me down a different path in life, I was introduced to and it all snow balled from there.

She also competed in many prestigious motocross events, such as the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National and the Trans Can Canadian Amateur Grand National Championship.Legere lives for the jump, the eyes-open leap into the arms of the unknown.Adventure is what drew the Ontario native to the extreme winter sport -- basically a mashup of motocross, speed skating and roller derby -- six years ago.But a fifth-place finish in Finland has her stuck in second place in the standings behind the U. With only four races in the championship, she probably needs at least a podium here to stay in striking distance for the final event in Ottawa on Saturday.who has been competing on the motocross circuit since she was 1,5 but you may know her best as a regular on MTV's Nitro Circus.

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