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Read this book — it’s sure to become a focus of much conversation.” — R. President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky “Alex Chediak has given singles, pastors and parents a valuable resource to sort through the thorny questions of dating and courtship.Christians interested in honoring Christ in how they relate to the opposite sex often find themselves between the chaos of cultural behavior and the confusion of often contradictory ‘Christian’ alternatives.Well, this isn’t anything close to a wee modicum of blasphemy – and most definitely not even an inadvertent sacrilegious attack on the Christian values enshrined in the timeless Good Book.

During the marriage, both parties did things that could be considered unfaithful to one another.

3) IF I marry him, will I then be committing sin and be considered an adulterer?

Thank you so much.”The problem with this issue and others like it is that people tend to seek council of men who will say what they want to hear / fits with their circumstances/lifestyle – rather than what God says – and we all do it – Ive done it.

Whether you are seriously dating, engaged or already married, this is a GREAT assessment tool to help you identify areas of strenth and growth in your relationship.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking this assessment before you say I DO!!

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