Thinkers and feelers dating

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There were others who were easily and intensely moved by art, nature and human stories. They took me away from close meaningful relationships and my fulfilling inner world.No wonder I am so people focused (versus task or logic focused).Some people make decisions based on their heart and gut feelings. Therefore when you state your feelings try to back it up by giving reasons on why you feel that way. Other people make decisions based on logic and reasoning. “Thinkers” want their thoughts recognized just as you want your feelings recognized. My feelings and emotions sit just below my thin skin, waiting to pour out at the slightest positive or negative provocation. Sibling rivalry was particularly hellish and led me to many happy and safe hours in my bedroom.When I was a child, all my dad had to do was raise his voice and I was in tears. I never wanted to cause trouble or create conflict. I only knew a few people like me until I was in my mid 30s. I eventually wound my way to personality theory and trained to become a Myers Briggs Practitioner, which further illuminated the facets of my INFP personality type.It's a personality assessment that gives you four letters as a result, like ENFP or ISTJ.

So far the opposite types studied have been in decision making. They are not going to pick up on any hints that you try to give toward your feelings or thoughts. Some people prefer to make decisions based on objective data.In the MBTI world, this preference is known as Thinking.Perhaps one of the most misunderstood of all the dichotomies, Feelers and Thinkers are often on two sides of an issue, looking at each other from different places of judgment. The distilled difference between Thinkers and Feelers is this: Thinkers use impersonal metrics to determine the value of an object, idea or situation.That makes sense, as that is what we use Thinking and Feeling – to judge, or determine the worth and value of something. If you’re a Thinker, this does not mean you are any more reasonable than a Feeler, and if you are a Feeler this does not mean you have an automatic entrance into the high E. Feelers use personal, human-based considerations when determine the value of an object, idea or situation.

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