Troubleshooting updating bios on a7n8x deluxe sophos 7 always view updating status

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'If it's not broken don't fix it' way of thinking, especially for the bios.But I can't help but wonder if I could be missing out on any kind of enhancements that a newer bios could offer.(Unified Drivers by Nvidia) If not install them for a bit higher scores, if you have the latest, don't worry your score looks great)4.27 nforce2 drivers - latest 4.9 Catalyst - latest (although I might go back to Omega Drivers - faster) Direct X 9.0b - need to update (although I thought it was part of service pack 2)# Bios 1008 - might go for Uber bios (hate updating the bios - don't want to kill it) I WANT MORE POWER!!! Never mind eh - I think unless I go with a 3200 with new memory - I'm done with this setup.Nick Uhm just curious are you in dual channel or not (doesn't really have a noticable difference though) but you asked and I posted a screen, so are you in DC? )With this set up I'm getting 6252 on 3Dmark03 - it seems low - is it? I've been having trouble booting up my desktop computer.

considering that you're having video problems, it could be that a single beep indicates a video failure. if nothing else, try switching out the video cable.

on the "splash screen" it shows press tab to show post, and press alt F2 to flash bios.. hi there i think you have to turn off the PC then reset your CMOS settings including changing the lithuim battery then set jumper to clear CMOS.

after that check AGP, memory as well processor level if it fits well as far as its proper positioning is concern.

After you have registered and read the forum rules, you can check out the FAQ for more information on using the forum. Hi there - this thread started elsewhere, but I think it's now a processor issue rather than a motherboard issue. 2k3=3066835 there is my score and we have almost identicle rigs. Previous dudes (and Jimmer if he can answer it) Is it possible that I'm using the wrong memory.

Barton's cannot be unlocked, there's no trick to do that, for that you should switch to a XP mobile, read the link.... t=128403With this set up I'm getting 6252 on 3Dmark03 - it seems low - is it?

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